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While the pandemic has forced many employees to embrace remote working, companies are making preparations for in-person working under the new normal. Employers, construction companies, and office design companies are coming up with new office designs and layouts to improve employees’ productivity, safety, and general well-being. Whether you are constructing a new office or refurbishing an existing office block, here are new office trends to get you inspired.


As calls to tame climate change grow louder by the day, businesses are responding by creating greener buildings and office designs to help address the climate crisis. Some of the sustainability office trends that will dominate 2022 include the installation of LED lighting systems, insulating the inside of external walls, and maximizing solar light instead of artificial lighting. Factors to consider when designing a sustainable office include low carbon emission, high energy efficiency, improved air quality, good lighting, and sustainable water usage.

Flexible office spaces

Given the uncertain times in which we live, employers are encouraging flexible workstations and practices to help manoeuvre any new changes that may arise in the future. With many workers juggling between remote and in-person working, employees are coming up with innovative office designs to optimize office space and encourage different ways of working.

Focus on employee well-being

The pandemic has brought to the limelight the importance of minding the health and well-being of staff in boosting the company’s productivity and profitability. Office designs in 2022 will put more emphasis on employee safety, empowerment, and well-being. We will see more offices with built-in social distancing, hand sanitiser points, and handwashing stations to ensure employees are safe at work.

Embracing technology and smart offices

The shift towards smart offices has been on a spiral rise for a few years now. This trend has been galvanized by remote working, which has seen many companies turn to digital tools to support working virtually. 2022 is likely to see the installation of more hands-free and touchless technologies to minimize disease transmission, as well as artificial intelligence (AI), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and hands-free controls to improve access to offices.

With the pandemic projected to stay for longer than earlier thought, employers, office designers, and main contractors are embracing office designs that conform to the new normal in order to improve and sustain productivity and profitability in 2022. Contact us today and let us help you create an office that fits your needs.

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