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The office serves many purposes. It is a space where creatives gather to work individually and as a team, and it should be comfortable and accessible. Ultimately it needs to inspire productivity and creativity and this can be achieved in a number of ways. Below we share 4 top tips for when planning your office refurbishment that will create that productive office space.

Keep it simple

It’s important to keep any distractions within the office space to a minimum. This can be easily achieved by making a colour scheme neutral, so no patterns. Use natural materials as opposed to brightly coloured metals and plastics and ensure that there is a comfortable break out area that allows your workers to just sit and breathe.

The importance of furniture

It’s important that office furniture is comfortable while encouraging productivity. Chairs need to offer support to the lower back and desks need to be at the correct height. Ideally, staff need to be able to move around the office space and use a range of office furniture including standing desks for short term tasks, and large seating pods for group meetings.

Let the light in

One of the biggest factors for inspiring productivity in your staff is with the use of natural light. You need to allow as much natural light into the office as possible. This can be achieved with floor to ceiling windows, skylights and creating an open plan office with no dividing walls that can block out light. Natural light gives you that feel good factor while increasing focus and creativity.

Maximise your available space

We are all able to think more clearly and get more done when we are given space in which to stretch, think and work. An open plan design works very well for this reason, that incorporates booths, large desks and seating zones. What’s important is that workers can move freely from one zone to another. Even the smallest office space can be made to feel spacious with space saving furniture and natural light.

If you are currently searching for fit out companies in London who specialise in office refurbishment, then please do get in touch with us today. We can help you to create that productive office space.

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