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While the office can have a bad reputation, there are plenty of ways to liven up a space with some quick refurbishment and a bit of creativity. Here are a few essentials every office should have to bring some cheer into your workday:

1. An office dog

Who isn’t relaxed by some downtime with a pup? Sweet, adorable and great at helping humans to de-stress, an office dog is always a popular addition to any workplace and a great way to boost team morale!

2. Space for something that isn’t work

Everyone needs time to recuperate, so for your next office fit out, incorporate some room for downtime. Modern offices can have anything from a table football room to full-size basketball courts – the offices for in Istanbul even have an indoor running track!

3. Communal lunch space

The addition of some shared tables and chairs for employees to get to know each other over lunchtime sandwiches will aid relations between workers and help build a stronger bond between staff members, leading to more effective teamwork. While the water cooler is good, it’s even better to have dedicated space to cut down on work time procrastination.

4. Decorate the space

Allowing employees to add personal touches to their work areas fosters a friendlier atmosphere and livens up what can sometimes be drab decor. A few pictures and a bunch of flowers here and there can bring some much-needed colour to a room.

5. Think outside the box

From in-house baristas to bars, swimming pools, and as previously mentioned running tracks, there truly are no limits anymore on what is considered ‘essential’ within the work environment. Speak to your employees and find out what they consider essential – while there might be some more eccentric suggestions, there may be some smart ideas in there as well!

The employees who work within the building are what make the business, and as such it only makes sense to encourage a sense of community and a bit of fun in the office. Get creative and get some new office essentials.

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