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With the COVID-19 outbreak demanding so much of our attention, it’s easy to forget about our ongoing struggle with climate change. This is a problem that we can’t afford to ignore.

A recent report showed that we need to cut CO2 emissions by 45% before 2030 if we want to avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown. This is only possible if everyone does their bit, and businesses are no different. Here are five easy ways to reduce your office carbon emissions:

  1. Use less paper


Before printing something, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Can it be emailed instead? Can records be stored in the cloud rather than on paper? If you do have to print something, use your printer’s double-sided printing feature, or print on the back of scrap paper if possible.

  1. Recycle your electronics

Recycling paper has become second nature for most of us, but not everyone thinks to recycle their electronics. Many manufacturers will take back used electronics for recycling, or you can look for a local e-recycling service.

  1. Turn everything off at night

Train your team to check that everything is switched off before they leave the office. Pay particular attention to unused rooms and storage cupboards where lights may have been left on. You should also make sure that your computers are set to hibernate when not in use. Not only will this reduce your CO2 emissions- it will also reduce your electricity bill!

  1. Turn down the heat

Nobody is expecting you to shiver through the winter with no heating, but consider turning your thermostat down by a degree or two. This small change will make a big difference to both your emissions and your bills. After all, wearing a jacket at work isn’t so bad!

  1. Redesign the office

If smaller measures aren’t enough, you could consider an office refurbishment. Redesigning the office to conserve more heat, and upgrading outdated equipment such as boilers will save you a lot of money in the long run. We are an experienced main contractor, and one of the most reliable construction companies and fit out companies in London.

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