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Is your commercial property vacant? If so, attracting the right tenants as quickly as possible is vital to guarantee your returns. Unfortunately, filling vacancies and maintaining high tenant engagement can be difficult, especially if you’re building is old and outdated.

To help you get started, here are four ways to attract the right commercial tenant to your property.

  1. Creative and vibrant spaces

In today’s business world, office spaces focus more on hosting collaborations and fostering culture. That’s why workstation sizes have decreased while the quantity of meeting spaces has increased.

An office fit-out ensures you can create vibrant and creative spaces that intrigue your tenants. Although creative offices vary depending on the tenant, focus on primary aspects such as large conference rooms, social hubs, and open floor plans.

  1. Sustainability

Global warming and climate change play a huge role in real estate. Many tenants opt for sustainable properties to reduce the overall impact of construction on the environment and human health. Therefore, consider a refurbishment to your existing structure to contribute towards a sustainable environment, attracting new tenants.

Whether that means installing energy-efficient lighting or air conditioning, sustainability sells in real estate.

  1. Smart buildings

Incorporating the use of technology into your commercial property is a no-brainer. Most tenants demand greater control and insight over their spaces to increase security and efficiency and maximize performance.

Consider implementing smart building solutions such as HVAC digitization and remote monitoring of MEP systems (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).

  1. Increase security

Never underestimate the importance of security when it comes to commercial properties. Businesses handle vital data and information, increasing the need for a safe and secure space. Invest in security guards, CCTVs, alarm systems and 24-hour security to increase your property’s value and attract new tenants.

  1. Improve the interior and exteriors

Small improvements to building interiors and exteriors significantly elevate the appearance of your commercial building. From transforming your parking lot and surrounding landscape with green areas to adding indoor plants to hallways and lobbies, creating aesthetically pleasing environments fascinates tenants.

If you need an office fit-out, contact Virtus today, London’s first choice main contractor.

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