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When you’re deciding where to set up your new offices, you might envision yourself strolling in the Square Mile or through Canary Wharf. But are these traditional industrial districts from centuries past still the golden ticket to a business’s reputation and turnover?

Over the last few years, construction companies have seen a huge diversification in London construction sites, with offices springing up across all boroughs, proving that Westminster and Canary Wharf no longer have a monopoly on the future of enterprise.

As London’s population and economy continue to rise, it’s not always feasible to keep building in the same over-crowded central locations. Moreover, as more business has moved online and companies are now judged by their online presence as much as their physical office sites, the location is no longer such a crucial factor in attracting the client’s initial attention. With fantastic websites and social media visibility, clients can easily find you on a search engine, meaning that you no longer have to be within walking distance of all your competitors just to catch their eye.

When a client has spotted you online and shortlisted you as a potential service provider, of course you then need a professional space to welcome them into to secure their business. A modern interior with a good fit out is essential, but this doesn’t mean you have to set up in Harley Street!

Rather, considering a new location, not already over-saturated, can have some big benefits for your reputation as a company. Firstly, if you are in a ‘new’ area of construction, then you are associated with the up-and-coming, an exciting new hub of industry. In competitive markets, innovation and forward-thinking are attractive to buyers. Secondly, in a newer building, you are less constrained in getting the interior that you want. Old “city” buildings often retain their Victorian features which are protected by Grade Listing laws, meaning that you may always be looking at that plaster cast of a cherub above the mantelpiece.

For a clean contemporary fit out that reflects your aims and identity, look further afield for your business’s new home!

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