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CAT A+ is being heralded as the latest office fit-out term and is the middle ground between CAT A and CAT B fit-outs. Here’s why CAT A+ is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for designers and landlords…

How is CAT A+ different?

Category A fit-outs usually involve a business owner creating a blank canvas to attract a diverse range of tenants or clientele. A CAT A fit-out, for example, often has a lot of open space and is decorated in white or neutral colours.

On the other end of the category, spectrum is CAT B. Category B fit-outs are influenced by the needs and preferences of a tenant and transform an empty space into a workplace instantly ready for employees to move into. For example, A CAT B fit-out will include furnished rooms, internal cabling and bespoke branding detail and art.

In the middle of these two categories, is CAT A+. Category A+ is influenced both by the requests of a landlord and includes features that ensure the property is ready for a tenant.

Why has CAT A+ become so popular?

CAT A+ has recently boomed in popularity as it helps potential tenants imagine themselves in a workplace and ensures tenants can begin working in a rented space immediately. CAT A+ have become in-demand as the rise for co-working spaces has also increased. As more employees are beginning to work remotely, the need for inviting co-working spaces is higher than ever. Landlords can capitalise on the immerging co-working office trend by using CAT A+ fit-outs to create fully-functional office spaces that are generic and non-specific to one sole company or tenant.

What are the benefits of CAT A+ fit-outs for landlords?

  • Decrease vacancies

Ready-for-use office space will decrease gaps in vacancies as potential tenants will be able to move in straight away.

  • Attract tenants

By completing a generic fit-out, you will ensure your office space is suitable for a wide scope of prospective tenants.

  • Higher profitability

As you will not need to complete tenant-specific design requests, you can choose cost-effective fit-out options and improve the profitability of your rental space.

If you would like to learn more about CAT A+ fit-outs, contact Virtus Contracts today.

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