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One of the most important steps when looking for a new office is making sure you get the correct amount of space for your company. Under or overestimating space is common, but it can spell disaster for your business financially if you get it wrong. Too much space is unnecessarily costly while limited space can hinder business growth as well as expansion. Therefore, it is crucial to assess both the current and future needs of your business when estimating the amount of office space you require.

Calculating the size of a new office

The best way to accurately estimate how much office space you need is to allocate 100 square feet to each employee, with half of this being desk space and the other half distributed to communal spaces such as kitchens and meeting rooms. If your business is moving to high rent areas like Central London, you may opt for 70 to 80 sq.ft. per staff member while the opposite can apply in areas outside major cities. It is also important to approximate the amount of space needed for board rooms, conference rooms, managers’ offices, and directors’ offices, again following the 100 sq.ft. per person rule. Although estimations can be used as a general guide, more accurate office space approximations and layouts can be achieved if you use a space calculator.

How important is it to get the right space and the right size working environment?

Getting the right space and working environment is a vital part of inspiring your workforce. Cramped, tight spaces negatively impact the culture of the company, your ability to attract and retain employees, and the level of creativity and innovativeness. Additionally, the right space shapes communication among employees and makes both interaction and collaboration effective and efficient. This, in turn, increases the productivity levels of your employees and also boosts morale.

The importance of the right office space and environment cannot be underestimated. It encourages professional development among employees, positively impacts branding, and minimises time wastage. Choosing the right space could positively affect the success of your business.

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