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Sustainability is a major buzzword these days. If you’re thinking about an office refurbishment, considering sustainability and your environmental impact is a smart move. As well as doing good for the environment, having serious sustainability credentials can be a great way to attract the right candidates to your workplace. We’ve put together four things you can include in your fit-out to create a sustainable office environment.

Choose sustainable furniture and equipment

When choosing new furniture for your office fit-out, try to go for eco-friendly options made from sustainable or recycled materials where possible. Choosing low-maintenance options will also help to reduce your environmental impact.

Energy efficient lighting options

Most offices need plenty of lighting but ask your main contractor to install energy-efficient lighting solutions. You can also take advantage of natural light from windows as much as possible. Making sure that lights are switched off at the end of the day or when they’re not needed is also important for an environmentally friendly office.

Encourage recycling

This is perhaps one of the most obvious ways to create a sustainable working environment and culture. Ensure your fit-out includes recycling bins, especially for paper, and make sure they’re both visible and accessible. You can also purchase recycled paper as much as possible. Whilst it’s unlikely your business can go completely paper-free, encouraging staff to digitise documents and communication as much as possible is also a great step towards sustainability.

Include plants and greenery

Plants are a fantastic addition to a sustainable office space. Not only do they look attractive and create a welcoming atmosphere, but they also boost oxygen levels and remove carbon dioxide. This can have a positive effect on the mental health of employees, and can also reduce stress levels.

Get in touch

If you need support in creating a sustainable office environment, Virtus Contracts are the team you need. We’re one of the leading fit-out companies London has to offer and can help you with an environmentally friendly office refurbishment that creates a great atmosphere for both staff and clients. Get in touch now to find out more.

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