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The latest technology brings innovation to classic VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) systems and the way they function. The Hybrid VRF functions on a two-pipe heat recovery system with water between the HBC (Hybrid Branch Circuit) controller and its indoor units.

This air conditioning system enables you to better control the temperature inside your rooms and buildings, with its easy to handle operations.

If you’re planning a complete refurbishment for your office space, you might want to ask your main contractor to consider introducing Hybrid VRF services.

Hybrid VRF systems uncovered

As opposed to the traditional VRF systems, the new Hybrid VRF air conditioning system replaces refrigerant that is located between the HBC controller and indoor units with water.

This innovation helps better control of heating and cooling and also removes the need for a constant leak-detecting service that older VRF systems required.

Its two refrigerant pipes still connect the outdoor units to the HBC controller, while the water pipes connect the indoor units to the same source. This way, it boosts efficiency in preserving and recovering heat, which also saves energy.

Easy installation

The M&E (mechanical and electrical) Hybrid VRF system is easily installed, as it uses the same controls and network as older VRF systems. Its flexibility allows you to enjoy different applications.

Its best feature is that it is decentralised, which means you don’t need to install it all at once. Rather than that, you can phase the installation without reducing the efficiency of the system.

Perfect for quiet places

Construction companies recommend this system for spaces which require subtle solutions, mechanical or electrical. With the smooth and imperceptible operation, the Hybrid VRF system is the best fit for hotels, schools, offices and meeting rooms, but also hospitals, shopping centres and various other places.

It offers a stable air temperature under your full control, thanks to its centralised control that allows individual settings. It fits into any interior and is completely harmless, with no negative effects on adults or children.

The scheduled operation feature also helps easier control in different rooms, which makes it perfect for hotels, schools and nursing homes, as well as buildings that are meant for mixed-use. With low-level noise, it requires less equipment, making it incredibly cost-efficient.

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