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With the demand for houses growing more than ever before, construction companies are always on the lookout for faster and more efficient construction methods. Although there have been concerns over their viability for mass production, recent developments have paved the way for 3D homes to become more widely available. Below we outline some of the key advantages of using 3D printing.


One of the biggest changes we will see from 3D printing is the reduction in costs. This will come both from a reduced demand for workers and a reduction in materials costs. The printer itself replaces the need for many labourers, and only a small number of operators are required to control it. This will fortunately lead to far fewer injuries, saving workers from dangerous wounds and once again saving costs and time throughout the construction process. 3D printers also use the precise amount of materials needed to create the building, resulting in less wastage and no requirement for the main contractor to buy in bulk.


With machines printing at a rate of one metre per second, speed is the key advantage to be gained from 3D printing. Theoretically, 3D printers can work 24 hours a day 7 days a week and won’t get tired in the same way manual labourers do. Human error is also eliminated, meaning that mistakes and delays are less likely to hold up construction. Other traders will be able to complete their work much faster as well, as they will not need to work around poor construction.


One massive benefit of using 3D printing is the improved options for building construction. Odd and atypical design structures will be much easier to build, giving clients more freedom and creativity to get exactly what they want. Fit-outs will also be simpler as clients can easily select their preferred design and have it printed shortly after.

Although most 3D printers are still in their infancy, and planning permits and training will take some time, the benefits of using these incredible machines in the future are evident. If progress continues and all the necessary boxes are ticked, 3D printing will completely transform the way buildings are constructed in the future.

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