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The key to any successful workplace is good team morale that ensures all staff come to work feeling motivated, happy and goal-driven. A large part of optimising team morale is to create an office space that is inviting to your employees and that makes them want to get up and come into work each day.

A drab and dreary office simply won’t give your staff the motivation that they need to give their all at work and to show up with a smile on their face every morning. You could increase your team morale by making some simple office refurbishments that will transition the workspace into an office that everyone will want to come to! This article will guide you through the simple changes that you could make to your office to boost workplace morale.

Create lighter spaces

Increasing the amount of natural light in your office can help to keep employees feeling energised throughout the day, which will have huge benefits on productivity. You can easily increase the amount of light in your workspace by considering an open plan layout, increasing the size of your windows or perhaps installing some skylights into the office.

Prioritise social spaces

A good office is an office that allows colleagues to come together to share their ideas, connect and collaborate effectively on projects. You could improve your office by creating more social spaces for your staff to use throughout their working day. Connecting with others won’t just improve your employees’ ability to share ideas, it will also improve their morale by encouraging workplace friendships, which will make employees feel part of the workplace team.

Consider ergonomics

An ergonomic office focuses on the comfort and practicality of its layout, furniture and design. Every year, millions of workers take time off due to sore joints or other health problems that have occurred due to poor ergonomics. You could consider refurbishing your office to prioritise comfort so that your employees can feel more comfortable and happy when they come to work. This will also minimise sick days taken by staff who have been affected by poor ergonomics and will prevent employees from feeling agitated due to low levels of comfort.

If your office is lacking workplace morale, it may be time to take a look at your design and think about making refurbishments.

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