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Moving offices can be incredibly stressful – perhaps even more so than moving home. After all, as a customer-focused business it’s important to offer a “business as usual” approach to clients. With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure your move goes without a hitch – and with our handy checklist you’ll be able to make your relocation and refurbishment as smooth as can be:

1) Research good construction companies and removal companies
If you’re in the capital, it’s vital to use one of the most reliable fit out companies London can provide to ensure your new office is ready to move in to on the day you intend to move. At Virtus, we endeavour to provide a main contractor to fit out you new premises on-time and to budget.

2) Plan, plan and plan again
Be meticulous when it comes to making a list of everything you need to do – and be certain to inform everybody you need to about your upcoming move (not just customers, but utility companies, delivery companies and so on).

3) Create an inventory
Decide on the equipment and furniture you’ll be taking with you, as well as a list of the items you’ll need to source. In many instances, it can be faster and more cost-effective to arrange for a complete fit out of your new office instead of transporting old equipment.

4) Familiarise yourself with your new layout
Before you move, you should already have a clear idea of where each individual and department will be located. Discuss this with your colleagues and try to address any concerns while taking on-board feedback to ensure a smooth transition.

5) Timing is everything
Consider when is most convenient to move. Avoid moving at the busiest time of year for your company, as this could drastically affect productivity during crucial working days.

6) Consider IT requirements
There’s nothing worse than moving into a new office only to find your connectivity is limited. Ensure your networks are up and running – after all, it’s difficult to do business when you can’t communicate.

If you’re considering moving offices in the near future, why not contact Virtus to discuss your construction/refit requirements? Our friendly and experienced team will be more than willing to help provide you with the expertise you need to successfully transition to your new premises.

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