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With 2019 now in full swing we need to consider the latest office trends and designs as well as how these will benefit your business and what to look out for in the coming year.

Office designs are more than just a fashion trend though. They’re a way to create a great impression on your visitors and staff. They also help create a productive and happy environment, so you can keep your employees working at their best.

Do you want your business to exceed its goals for 2019? An office refit might be the move you need to kick the year off right. So, here are our top office trend predictions for 2019…

1. Bringing the outside in

No one likes the thought of being trapped indoors all day. To make offices a little brighter and more productive, there’s an increasing notion of bringing the outdoors inside.

This includes a lot of greenery and plants, which are proven to improve concentration and mood. It also includes an increase in more industrial or rustic style offices, which use a lot of concrete materials or exposed brickwork if your building allows for it.

2. Using repurposed materials

Bringing plants indoors isn’t the only way offices are going green.

In a more environmentally conscious move, a lot of offices are focusing on repurposed materials. This could include furniture made out of recycled plastics, and chic ‘upcycled’ decorations to finish.

This also includes transforming a lot of abandoned spaces, including warehouses, and giving them a new lease of life as an open plan and spacious office.

3. Creating a living room ‘style’

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes down to this trend.

This design feeds into the notion of helping your workers relax and feel more comfortable while in the office. So, it includes plenty of collaborative breakout areas with plush and comfy furniture that you can sink into.

After all, your workers are likely to be more productive if they’re not complaining about hard, unnatural and uncomfortable chairs.

Ready to get your office refitted?

Let’s take a look at your space today. Contact us to see how we can transform your office in 2019.

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