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Construction companies and contractor clients are increasingly aware of the impacts of climate change. This has entailed recognition of the requirement to cut energy footprints, while also cutting pollution and waste. There are a number of green, eco-friendly buildings in London nowadays, and some of the best include:

Bloomberg’s European HQ

You won’t suspect it from the outside, but the Bloomberg HQ is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world. The building is located close to St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England, and some features include grey water harvesting at rooftop level, vacuum drainage toilets, similar to those found on aeroplanes, and 4,000 specialist ceiling panels which work to control the cooling, heating and acoustics throughout the entire building.

One Embankment Place

The newly refurbished building at One Embankment Place became the world’s most sustainable office structure back in 2013, and has a variety of outstanding eco features. The building features a system which converts recycled veggie waste into a fuel that’s used for heating, cooling, and as a power source. It also has water-free urinals and green walls/staircases which all contribute to energy and water use reductions.

Citicape House is the latest green building for London

Citicape House will literally be London’s greenest building when construction completes in 2024. This City of London 5* hotel and co-working venue will feature a 40,000 square foot green exterior, which will be the largest living wall in Europe. The living wall will be planted with a number of Britain’s threatened native wildflowers and will add an invaluable improvement to local air quality. It’s anticipated the living wall alone will produce up to six tonnes of oxygen annually, alongside lowering temperatures in the vicinity by up to 5 degrees C. The hotel will be close by Holborn Viaduct, kicking off what’s termed the “Cultural Mile”. This living wall will absorb up to eight tonnes of carbon pollution each year, and the hotel will also feature a green roof garden and viewing point.

Virtus Contracts have been involved in a variety of greening projects in London, including the XL Catlin project which features an internal living wall. Get in touch to discover all the ways we can help you deliver the modern workspaces that meet the demands of today.

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