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The Coronavirus pandemic has left countless commuters feeling that packed, tight spaces are something to be avoided at all costs. Many disliked the bus, train, and tube when things were “normal” – with the increased risk of serious infection, it’s little wonder they are abandoning them in favour of other options.

As a business owner, this gives you a reason to consider the fit-out of your premises.

The healthier option

Rather than trains, tubes and buses, more and more commuters are opting to cycle to work. Cycling has long been known to be beneficial, particularly for those who work in office jobs where it can be difficult to ensure proper physical activity during the day. It’s becoming even more popular now as it makes social distancing so much easier compared to a packed bus or a busy tube carriage.

There are problems with cycling, though, in that it can leave commuters sweaty and uncomfortable when they arrive for their day’s work. This is where you, as a business owner, can help.

Embracing the change for the better

More employees cycling to work has many benefits for a business owner – the first of which is that you want to encourage your employees to be as healthy as possible. Not only does it limit their risk of catching Coronavirus, but it also makes them generally healthier and more resistant to illness.

As such, the refurbishment of your premises to be more “cyclist-friendly” is a consideration you should make. One option would be the installation of secure bike racks to allow your employees to lock their bicycles safely while they work. Something else to consider would be the installation of showers, to allow employees a chance to freshen up and change into their work clothes before starting their day.

Getting professional assistance

Getting the insight of professional construction companies, such as Virtus Contracts, can be invaluable when it comes to making cycle-friendly plans for your business. We can take you through the whole process, presenting ideas that seamlessly integrate with the way your business works.

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