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Apprenticeships are a great way to earn while you learn. Whether you’re young and want to be a bricklayer, a plasterer, or are after a different job in the construction industry, they provide a way for you to get your foot in the door to pursue your dream career.

But the benefits aren’t only limited to the job or the person doing the apprenticeship. Have a look at some of the advantages below.

Teaches young people how to cope in a challenging environment

This one is mainly aimed at apprentices. The professional environment is far different than being inside a classroom. If you’ve mostly chosen theory subjects at school, doing practical work involves different sets of skills, whether it’s using measuring apparatus that’s job-specific.

An apprentice is expected to handle deadlines, challenging tasks and sometimes even repetitive ones. What you learn can be used in other areas of life like running your first home and money management.

You will learn the good and the bad bits behind a job. There will also be people with different personalities to work with, which can teach you how to form friendships and manage your social life.

Apprenticeships help prevent trades from dying out

Without apprenticeships, some occupations would simply struggle to survive due to a lack of young people wanting to take them up. Some career paths can remain hidden without apprenticeship schemes. It might also be the case that the job title doesn’t sound exciting and puts people off from applying.

Without apprenticeships, the loss of fresh talent could have a negative impact on individual construction companies and the construction industry as a whole.

No searching for a job and more passion as the wage increases

Some school leavers choose to go to college straight after school. The downside to this is that you might not get the job you want after you finish studying. An apprenticeship in the construction industry guarantees you employment.

An increasing wage that goes up with experience can help apprentices in the construction industry to feel eager to work hard. If you enter a career at a set wage that never changes, you are more unlikely to want to keep improving.

Brings fresh ideas and new approaches

Apprenticeships are a great way to welcome new talent into the construction industry. Maybe the job has been using traditional methods for so long. New techniques can be learned at college or university that can help a business to grow by saving money and time.

Whether you’re a small or more established business, apprenticeships in the construction industry are a great way to bring fresh new talent to your business. You’ll have young workers who are more passionate, and who understand the ups and downs of the profession. So make sure you consider hiring an apprentice today.

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