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When most of us think about public spaces, we think parks, squares, beaches, pavements, and the like. It’s true; they are all public spaces where everyone is free to visit and spend some time. But, the point is, we mostly think of government or community-owned public spaces. Nowadays, however, construction companies and building owners are keen on designating certain areas as public spaces in new buildings.

Public space in a building could be a courtyard, hallway, lobby or even lawns and gardens around its perimeter. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having these public spaces to both the building owner and the residents.

1) Increases the value of a building

A public space, especially one with unique or functional features, is seen as an amenity. An attractive open space improves the overall tenant satisfaction, drawing in new tenants and retaining them. Building owners can use a public space for marketing their property and increasing its value.

2) Provides security

Public places usually feel safe and welcoming. There is a unique and immeasurable sense of reassurance that comes from an openly accessible and populated public space. They add the same level of security to buildings. Despite having conventional security measures in place, tenants feel more relaxed and safe in a building that also has a public space.

3) Source of revenue

Exterior and interior public spaces can be used to generate revenue. Building owners often rent out spaces to vendors and other businesses such as food trucks and entertainers. In such a case, the public space is a source of income for the enterprises and the building owner. Large enough public spaces can also be rented out to host events and parties.

4) Aesthetic and social value

Beautifully landscaped public places such as courtyards and lawns are aesthetic features that complement the building’s image. They are also a great place to put up contemporary art pieces such as sculptures, monuments and water features.

Many public spaces are sites where tenants and even members of the public gather to socialise, rest, and pass some time. This encourages social growth among the building’s occupants as well as the larger community.

It’s about time that you turned any unused space in your new building into a public space and started ripping the benefits. Get in touch with us today and get the help you need in improving your building and workplace.

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