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Is your office looking a little tired? If so, you’re not alone. Many firms operate in uninspiring, drab and run-down workplaces and this can have knock-on effects on worker morale, productivity and brand image.

In this post, we run through some of the benefits of a full-scale office fit-out. Read on to learn more.

Improve employee morale

Most employees can bear travelling to an uninspiring office for a couple of weeks a year (perhaps during renovations). However, if they face the same dull grey walls month after month, year after year, they will eventually start grating on them.

Revamping your interiors, reimagining the space and adding a touch of colour can improve workers’ mental wellbeing tremendously. When morale is high, teams get more done, which is one of the reasons top firms, such as Google and Apple, invest so much in their workspaces.

Appear more professional

Before clients buy from you, they know nothing about the quality of your services. For instance, you could be the best management consulting firm in the world, but that alone isn’t enough to get them to buy from you. They want proof.

One way you can offer reassurance is to appear more professional. Drab offices make your firm seem disengaged and lazy, but when you spruce them up, you immediately generate a better impression. Suddenly, entertaining clients transforms from an exercise in embarrassment mitigation to one of showcasing your success.

Reduce your carbon footprint

With COP26 dominating the recent news cycle, the climate is very much back on the agenda. Brands need to become greener, both for the environment and to enhance their brands.

Hiring construction companies to perform full-scale office refurbishment is an excellent way to do this. Renovators can make your workspaces greener by installing new low-energy LED lights, replacing old inefficient appliances, and adding glass that helps to radiate heat back into your rooms. You can also experiment with more elaborate changes, such as creating green walls on the sides of your buildings or putting solar arrays on the roof.

In summary, remodelling your offices can be highly advantageous. Companies often find that the return on investment is much higher than they expect, so if you’re considering refurbishing your office, contact our team today.

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