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Choosing the right colour scheme when you’re giving your office space a makeover is harder than when it’s your home that you are refurbishing. That is because offices have to meet the needs of more people and have to be both eye-catching and appropriate for working in.

Try these three tips to find the best colour scheme for your office fit out:

Think about your company logo

The chances are that your logo and branding involves a particular colour scheme and incorporating that into your office refurbishment will provide an impression of harmony and consistency. The colours chosen for your logo will have been the result of considerable thought and if you feel that they are right for presenting your brand to the world, they should be right for the actual working space as well.

Add touches of green

There are several reasons why you should think about adding some green to your office colour scheme if it’s not there already. For one thing, green suggests environmental awareness to clients, which is a positive thing in 2022. Research also shows that people associate the colour green with ideas of growth, due to it being everywhere in nature, and making people think of growth in connection to your company is definitely a plus point.

Even if you do not want to add green to the furnishings, you can achieve this effect by installing potted plants throughout the office.

Let neutral colours dominate

Splashes of primary colour can be very effective – for instance red can increase energy and creativity levels. That can make including some red a good idea in parts of the office where you regularly take part in brainstorming sessions.

Overall though most office colour schemes are dominated by more neutral shades. That tends to mean cool pastel hues, which are calming and help to create an environment that has a clean and airy feel to it. Combining predominant neutral colours with careful use of bolder ones in strategic places will give you a rejuvenated office space that is attractive but does not distract from the work that needs to be done in it.

Follow these tips and speak to the main contractor on your refit to make sure you get the office look that you need and want.

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