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The UK business sector is a fast-moving place and this can be seen in where businesses choose to operate from. In the past, the traditional office set-up was the way most did it. This saw premises leased solely to be used by your company and with employees having their own allocated space to work from. However, recent times have seen a different solution enter the business world – collaborative working spaces.

What are collaborative working spaces?

Also known as co-working spaces, they offer a different option to organisations looking for somewhere to base themselves. Some companies like using co-working spaces because they are often serviced and can offer a more informal working environment for staff. These spaces are especially on the rise in major UK cities – this has seen London construction companies employed to convert spaces for this use in the capital for example.

Which is better – traditional or co-working space?

Although collaborative working does have some advantages, many top firms still believe traditional office space is best. But why is this?

To begin with, it can be a question of building the right brand image. A traditional office space can help with this by presenting the right impression to clients when they arrive for meetings. In a traditional space, there will always be a private meeting room to use and a more professional atmosphere that is easier for you to control. Traditional spaces also allow you to put your own brand image onto them with no-one else’s visible. They can also work out cheaper – as you usually sign a lease for 3 or 5 years, this can help to bring your monthly payments down.

Of course, one of the things many companies dislike about co-working spaces is the distractions they offer to staff. This is eliminated in a more traditional space where they can focus on work without someone from another company playing loud video games next to them! Choosing a traditional approach can also be more comfortable for staff as you can choose the layout and make sure desks have enough space between them. If you choose one of the quality office fit out companies London wide, you can make sure the working environment you have is what you want.

Let Virtus help with office refurbishment London

If you are thinking of going the traditional route, you may find your new office needs a refit to work for you. We offer top-class office refurbishment in London and will ensure your new space is fit for purpose. Our expert team, attention to detail and customer support means you can be sure of top quality results.

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