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As we emerge from the Coronavirus crisis, businesses are reopening and workers are expected to return to their jobs. Lots of people are understandably nervous about this and are wondering what precautions will be taken to protect them. If you are a business owner or are in charge of Coronavirus precautions in your workplace, there are some steps you should take to make sure everyone is safe and happy to return. Read on for some top tips on what you can do to protect your workplace and welcome back staff and clients.

Handwashing stations

Handwashing is imperative right now and you should really have as many handwashing stations available as you can to encourage this. Place these in busy areas and at the reception. Make sure they are refilled on a regular basis.

Organising the office

If you have room to do so, you should rearrange your office furniture to give people as much space as possible. While we understand some offices are small and this is difficult to do, it can be made easier by installing dividing screens.

Reception and countertop guards

Reception and countertop guards can prevent any further infections and should be installed immediately. These are ideal for areas where it’s impossible to socially distance and will protect your staff and clients from any ill-timed sneezes and coughs, keeping staff members and visitors apart to make sure government guidelines are adhered to. These guards are a cost-effective solution which means that staff can also reduce the amount of time they have to wear uncomfortable or impractical PPE. With reception and countertop guards installed, it will also put your clients’ minds at ease as they will see you are taking hygiene measures seriously.

Virtus is a construction and fit-out company based in London. We specialise in office refits and refurbishments and can supply reception and counter top guards to suit all offices. If you are looking for a fit-out company in London, then look no further. Get in touch today for advice on how you can protect your workplace from COVID-19 and for suggestions on how to upgrade your office.

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