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The UK has been in national lockdown for almost a year. During this time, hundreds (if not thousands) of office spaces in London have been left uninhabited as people have been working from home.

When employees do start coming back to work, changes and refurbishments will have to be made, as a recent study has shown that 61% of the UK workforce have reservations about returning to the office.

With new social-distancing rules to adhere to, it is important that you refurb your office so that it is safe for your tenants. Here are some refurbishments you need to make to your office post-pandemic:

New and improved breakout spaces

Breakout furniture and spaces will have to adapt so that they can fit a handful of people while still adhering to social distancing rules.

Spaces where it is likely people will bump into each other (think kitchen and bathrooms), will have to be adapted so that employees don’t run the risk of spreading germs to each other.

More private spaces

Employees have gotten used to working in private spaces, and they will want this to continue when they get back to the office. However, rather than creating private booths for everyone, consider building various soundproof pods around the office, perfect for when employees need to concentrate hard.

Make it cleaner

Although workers may be returning to the office soon, that doesn’t mean the threat of the virus has gone away. Offices will have to be altered to ensure employees’ maximum safety. One way to do this is by fitting out your office space with self-cleaning furniture. This furniture contains a plastic surface that, when exposed to sunlight, triggers a chemical reaction that kills germs and bacteria found in the office.

You should also invest in high-quality air conditioners and air-purifying systems, as this will further reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Time to upgrade your office space?

If you need to upgrade your office space before COVID-19 restrictions get lifted, make sure you speak to Virtus . We are a specialist fit-out company based in London and will help you create the perfect COVID-friendly office refurbishment.

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